Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tangent thirty-nine: google+ photo heist.

Well, I was trying to be all "with it" and "hip" and signed up for google+. In doing so, I deleted an album that had all of my blog's pictures in it. I didn't realize it would delete them in the blog. I'll fix them, but in the meantime, enjoy the 90s-esque icons as placeholders. 

Thanks for ruining my life, Google. Lucky for you, I really like those new Chrome spots.

Peace. Love. Dammit.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday, November 15, 2010

tangent thirty-seven: NKOTBSB. OMG.

Pinch me.
No really. Do it. I didn't think magic was real. That dreams came true. That Lindsay Lohan had the tenacity of a cockroach. I have proven myself wrong, dear readers. Scratch that. NKOTBSB has proven me wrong. I believe now that anything is possible. There are things you come to accept and eventually love when you get to know me. One of those things is my love for pop culture. More specifically, my love for 90s pop culture. And even more specifically, my love for boy bands. An announcement was made the other day that two of the greatest boy bands are joining forces. New Kids on the Block, pioneers of the sub-genre and Backstreet Boys, the prized objects of my affection since I first heard them on Star 94, are teaming up to go on tour. Why hasn't this happened sooner? And to all of you out there who once chose 'N Sync over BSB: You may have won a couple of battles back in the day. But look who's winning the mother f-ing war. Sure, you had Justin Timberlake in your corner way back when. Yes, he is amazing. He did all the work though, and once he went solo it was all over for the rest of them. Plus, NKOTNSYNC? No way. The current acronym is perfect. I know that to most of you this event is meaningless. And that's fine. After Millennium, the boys' albums didn't take too kindly with most people. I have bought every single one (physically, not digitally) and believe in some karmic way that this tour was meant to be for those of us who stayed true. I don't want to bore you with the other umpteen reasons why this tour will be magical. All I know is that I will be there with bells on. I will elbow my way to the front. I will call girls bitches for elbowing their way to the front. I will scream. I will cry. It will be the greatest night of my life.

Peace. Love. Dear Kevin, retirement's over.

Monday, October 11, 2010

tangent thirty-six: shitstain.

Well, I wasn't going to address this subject matter, but I've had some tequila and feel like I should. I received a comment last week on my blog that said: 

Dear Ad Student, Besides being boring, shitty, and self-indulgent, your blog starts beneath the fold. Shitstain. 

I was offended at first. But then I took a look at some of my recent blog posts. And I have to say, Anonymous. You are right. I have been boring lately. I think you took it a little far by calling me shitty, but I'll give you the boring and self-indulgent comments. If you were referring to my work/website then I suppose that's your opinion and I should respect that. Even though I dig my work. We're told not to take things too personally. I'm not a shitstain. Nickelback is a shitstain. I'm actually pretty fun to hang out with. Ask Matt Kappler or anyone in Mexico. You wouldn't know that though. And you probably assume I'm boring and self-indulgent. My fault. I have gotten lazy, and my blog has become blah. And, yes, it does start beneath the fold; however, I'm not entirely sure how to remedy that one so I'll need some help. I wasn't given many options when I decided to revamp the look. I guess I didn't revamp it all that much. If I used emoticons, this is where I would use one of those nervous-looking ones. Anyway, Anonymous, I'm not being facetious when I tell you that you're right. My blog, as of late, is boring. There. I said it. It didn't used to be. There are some gems hidden in its past. But lately it has not been good. It hasn't even lived up to mediocre at times. I am sorry for pushing you to become so very heated and comment on its staleness. I will try to be better. I don't like being called a shitstain. It hurts. And it's foul to think about in literal terms.

Peace. Love. Skid marks.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

tangent thirty-four: I'm live.

So I'm a copywriter. With a website. Now let's just get a dank job. 

Peace. Love. Go advertising. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

tangent thirty-three: repeat offender.

I think whoever is in charge of stock photos at NBC and ABC needs to dig more. If you pay attention to my blog, you'll notice that almost the same exact photo can be seen in tangent thirty. But it's a different TV show. The screenshot at the top is of The Gates (which is a new show about vampires, werewolves, and other things of that nature). I think someone needs to be fired. Or two people need to be fired. It's clear that Parks and Recreation and The Gates do not share the same hometown. I feel as if my intelligence has been insulted. The only thing different about this shot is that they didn't photoshop "Landmark Jr." out of it. But it's still next to the same seedy porn shop and it's definitely the same diner. Give me a little more credit, guys. And do your research about people who watch these shows in Atlanta. I'll notice. I'll notice every time. 

Peace. Love. Cheshire Bridge.